An affordable yet a premium yacht charter enhanced our budget for shopping and tourism further in the Croatia. We have reached Lastovo on the fourth day and begun exploring the most attractive island. We explored thick forests and craggy coast all through this extraordinary island. We visited a little Renaissance church and took pleasure in the best views on the hill. The natural beauty of this island encouraged us to stay further.  We tasted Lastovo Marastina white wine and enjoyed our dusk in this island.  

The most special yachting in renowned places throughout Croatia

The best in class tour packages from reputable tour operators all through Croatia encouraged the overall interests of my friends towards tourism in Croatia.  We discussed about various things like number of days, financial plan, places to visit, things to do and yacht before comparing leading packages. We have arrived at Croatia on time and enjoyed all through our yachting, shopping and tourism.  I explain you about our yachting experiences in the following details.


We have chosen Split town in Croatia (Croatian) because we have ensured about the most special tourism from the beginning to end. We have visited more than estimated places in and around this town. This was mainly because the most expected guidance from a qualified tour operator. We took advantage of all opportunities and enjoyed our daytime in sightseeing and outdoor activities. We had an unforgettable nightlife in Split.


Sibenik is a well-known historic city located in Central Dalmatia. This small town has more than a few attractive elements to impress every tourist and make all tourists more contented than ever.  Once we have reached this city on the second day of yachting, we have visited the most renowned museums and historical monuments.  We were happy to visit and explore the fortresses of St. Michael, St. John and Subicevac and St. Dominic’s church.  My friends and I stunned with the most special collections in AG Gallery, Madrigall and Sibenik City Museum.  We felt more contented than ever by attending the Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons.